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aka The Designer

I'm a professionally insured graphic designer that specializes in small business brand identities, websites and packaging.

I have a Diploma in Graphic Design from Conestoga College and a boatload of big city experience at the agency level and in house. I've bounced around a lot in my career - even had a very successful professional wedding photography business in the middle there somewhere. I've finally found my happy place both professionally and personally on the edge of a small town by the beach on the West Coast of Ontario, Canada rockin' my own thang.

My two biggest pieces of advice. 1 - Own your inner nerd. The thing(s) that make you happy, that you really, truly enjoy and make you tick. Don't give up on that in spite of what you think others may think of you. I truly think it's the key to happiness. And 2 - Hire out what you know you can't do yourself. If you don't have the time or expertise then find someone who does and pay them to. So worth your time, money and sanity!

When I'm not creating in front of my computer I'm creating more challenges for myself in the form of crafting, gardening or knitting. I still pick up a camera from time to time. Connecting to my community is important to me as well and I like to help fundraise money for children's charities in various ways. I even have BIG plans to start my own reforestation foundation in the near future!

Alicia May Riley Graphic Designer Kincardine Ontario
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